Garcinia Cambogia gnc

A Brief On Garcinia Cambogia gnc

Garcinia cambogia gnc , also referred to as malabar tamarind comprises of HCA (hydroxycitric acid) which can assist in weight loss thereby improving the health condition of the people. This is a plant that is found in south east Asia, Polynesia and India. This fruit has been consumed by the local inhabitants of these regions for centuries. It has been used to give a flavor to culinary dishes.

Though it is universal that the best way to lose weight is by adopting healthy lifestyle which includes going for a nutritious and following an exercise schedule regularly, however, recent research in health care and nutrition has revealed that going for supplements can be a good idea. So, let us explore one such supplement that has hit the weight loss world recently – garcinia cambogia gnc.

What Is Garcinia Cambogia gnc ?

It is a small fruit the shape of which looks more or less like a pumpkin. It is commonly known as tamarind. The extract of this wonderful fruit is called hydroxycitric acid. And, the ‘wonder pills’ that we have heard of, are made from these.

In the year 2013, a few researchers conducted a few trials with Garcinia cambogia and found that the extracts of this fruit had an effect on weight loss. That was indeed a glimmer of hope, however, further studies and trial were required on this subject.

Thereafter, researchers carried out an experiment with  obese male rats. And, the good news was – the rats lost weight. At the same time, it was also discovered that very high doses of it could lead to problems too. Like in the case of the rats, toxicity and testicular atrophy was noticed

Safety and Side Effects of Garcinia cambogia gnc

A study done in 2012 reveals that there were no serious side effects associated with this garcinia. The side effects that were found in some of the cases were:

  • Dizziness or nausea.
  • Dryness of the oral cavity.
  • Headache

The good thing about garcinia cambogia gnc, is these were not consistent in nature and the symptoms disappeared after some time. Those who had these experiences were found to be healthy and free of any complication or whatsoever, later on. The best advice in this scenario would be to consult a medical practitioner or a dietician before finalizing so that you take an informed decision.

However, the conditions that are straight away contradictory to this fruit are pregnancy and breast feeding. Other than that, this compound has been found to be extremely safe among individuals who have a sound health condition and the risk of any kind of toxicity in them is also extremely low.

How Effective Can Be Garcinia cambogia

According to various independent studies conducted, garcinia cambogia gnc can have constructive effects on individuals who require a weight loss schedule. It has to be complimented with proper food, adequate exercise and sleep. Also, one must ensure that they maintain a disciplined life style since things will not work out if the approach is casual.

Garcinia Cambogia gnc

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